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canon g2&g3.jpg

2001 & 2002: Canon Powershot G2 and G3

Canon’s Powershot G-series cameras, which began with the 3.3mp G1 in 2000 were reborn with the more stylish 4mp G2 and G3. The G2 is a chunky little camera that records JPG and RAW files on Compact Flash cards. The 7-21mm f/2-2.5 zoom lens is surrounded by a ring that can be removed to fit an adapter for the addition of wideangle, telephoto and macro lenses. As well as the usual built-in flash, the G2 also has a standard hot-shoe, compatible with contemporary Canon Speedlights. The G3 is slightly better specified, with new features that include a 4x optical zoom lens, focus bracketing, a new processor, intelligent scene analysis and flexible autofocus point selection.

Pictured here (above) are the G2 from the front and the G3 from the rear. No pictures have been taken with these cameras.

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