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2001: Minolta Dimage 7

The Dimage 7 is silver and stylish, looking like a 35mm SLR with half the body chopped off. The spec includes shutter priority, aperture priority, program and manual exposure modes, plus autofocus with a macro setting for close focusing down to 25cm. The f/2.8-3.5 Minolta GT lens offers a 35mm equivalent of 28-200mm zoom with a manually operated zoom control. The viewfinder flips up to 90° and images on the 2/3-inch sensor can be recorded in JPG, TIFF and RAW formats.


The 1.8-inch LCD screen on the back is small by today’s standards, but adequate. To conserve power, it automatically switches off as the camera is raised to the eye, when a smaller viewfinder LCD switches itself on, and vice versa. A video option, pop-up flash and choice of shooting modes – portrait, night, sport and more – are among other features. It delivers 5.2mp, runs on four AA batteries and records images on Compact Flash cards.


The camera is pictured (right) with its pop-up flash open for action, as well as views from the top and back. The pictures (below) were taken with a Dimage 7 in 2005

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