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A model for Murder

When a beautiful glamour model – one of three booked to pose for a computer company’s calendar – is found in her bath with her wrists slashed, everything points to suicide – including a suicide note written in what is proven to be the model’s distinctive handwriting. But Samantha Trewin had everything to live for. And Octavia Lord, a reporter on the local newspaper who interviewed her the day before her death, reckons it’s murder. Dragging in her news editor Jack Fallowfield she sets out to prove it. At first, Jack goes along with it against his better nature. But when a second of the trio of models dies, and then a third, he finds himself caught up in a story that takes him and Octavia from the south coast of England to the west coast of America, as they follow a trail of unexpected twists and turns that finally lead them to the killer.

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