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The Wrayflex Story

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The Wrayflex Story is the only book currently in print, completely devoted to Wray and the Wrayflex, England's only serious attempt at making a 35mm single lens reflex. Now with an added addendum bringing the research up to date. In 11 chapters and with more than 150 illustrations, the book covers…


• the history of the Wray company, showing 

  pictures of the factory and employees during

  the Wrayflex years;

• the rise and fall of the Wrayflex, including

  rare and previously unknown prototypes that

  never went into full production;

• the lenses, production models and


• the cameras Wray made before and after

  the Wrayflex;

• scientific uses for the camera;

• an engineering view of how it worked;

• pages of contemporary advertising;

• Wrayflex cameras used in the American

  space programme.

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