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The year is 1956 and time travel is impossible. So how has Kendrew Lartigue, a man from the year 3351, found himself stranded in the middle of the 20th Century? With no means of returning to his own time, Lartigue learns to accept that, while his past is in the future, his new future is in the past, and he endeavours to settle down to his new life. But then two men who call themselves the Time Police arrive and Lartigue is faced with the impossibility of finding a way to travel in time again if he is to save a loved one trapped 5,000 years in the past, and to stop a war more than 3,000 years in the future which will start as a result of his own inadvertent actions in the present. Although written a decade into the 21st Century, Timeflight has all the hallmarks of the classic science fiction of the 1950s, an era of stories and films to which this book pays loving homage.

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